slatternly: n. a uk dweller, gin drinker and big fan of a lot of things. otherwise known as isobel.

Now that I’ve got that out the way, I imagine I’m supposed to tell you what I’m really doing here. In all honesty, this is pretty much a ride-or-die sort of adventure. I’ve toyed with the idea of spilling my thoughts out to the internet in yet another venue for about a year but always got stuck on what it is I should talk about.  Or even where to host it. To demonstrate:

“I should do a food blog! There is nothing I love more than food, except possibly talking about it — oh wait. Maybe I should do it on television instead. Or films. Or music. Or…”/end scene

After chasing my own conversational tail on the topic, I’ve finally just thought, sod it, give it a go. So here I am, with nothing but the aim of talking to you about all those things.

Let’s see how it goes, okay?


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